Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hispanic Heritage Month is here and if you are in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area you only need to keep an open ear to hear of the numerous events taking place during the month or visit to read about them.

The hardest questions most of us will face are: How do I attend them all and where do I find the reserve of energy to do so?

As the "home" to policy-makers, activists, lobbyists, ambassadors, national Hispanic organizations as well as local Hispanic businesses and a vast Hispanic community, there are plenty of local events and high-profile galas taking place.

Always one of the largest events to attend is the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institutes 3 day event (Public Policy Conference, Annual Reyes of Comedy and Annual Gala). The Gala is always exciting and an ideal event to attend for networking with thousands of individuals.

Enjoy them all but schedule wisely or you’ll find yourself burnt out before the month is over.

I'm sure we'll see each other at one of the see you soon! Chris from

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Latin Rock Concert in Virginia this Friday, September 7

Check out Octavia this Friday at the State Theatre in Virginia. This versatile Bolivian band combines rock with folkloric melodic structures plus modern electronic sequences andacoustic warmth. Octavia, which has aired on MTV Latin America and CNN in Spanish, includes of nativeinstruments and rhythms in their music.

Tickets available at plus in person & by phone at The State’s Box Office (703) 237-0300

For a complete listing of all concerts in The State Theatre, visit